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Other News

We have completed the design and planning for converting a 3-bedroom bungalow into a luxury 5-bedroom house in the Stoke area. Work is now underway on the house and it's already looking incredible.

We have also finished plans for an orangery for customers in Holywell who wanted to extend their house in a slightly different way.

Can you believe these houses are timber frame?

Geoff Brown has extensive experience with Timber Frame, having done two self-builds himself with timber frames and having helped with the design and project management of many other timber frame properties.


A timber frame offers many advantages. One of the main ones is the scope it allows for a high level of insulation, so giving the possibility of an eco-friendly home. 


Another one is that the house can be made water-tight very quickly, thus enabling inside work to be carried out during the colder months and while work is continuing on the exterior.


If you need specific help with timber frame plans and/or advice with timber frame builds, Geoff can give you the benefit of his knowledge and experience in this area.


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